We created a different kind of event agency.


Kuckie Sibanda is an International authority who has been helping people transform their ideas into reality for about 15 years. Prior to becoming a consultant, she worked in a bank where she garnered most of her people skills that later became the backbone of her small businesses. She started planning and managing events at Age 14, when her cousin was getting married. Managed and supervised by her Mom the wedding was stunning. A new story began 20 years ago, and yet still being told today. One thing led to the other and before people realized the whole church community was depending on this little thing for their special events.

Our Journey

Fast forward, the business demands grew bigger and this led to the opening of her first shop at age 23 in a mall in the downtown core. The response was astounding leading to the opening of her second branch within the same City but in a different location within 3 years. That was a record for a young woman entrepreneur resulting in an Entrepreneur of the year Award! Through- out this journey, Kuckie’s mother was her hero and mentor. Going through a business journey full of adversities, challenges, and obstacles. Kuckie thrives on challenges while providing excellent leadership in a variety of projects. She is a hands-on leader with well- developed interpersonal, and communication skills believing in the value of teamwork, creating customer value and delivering superior customer service to meet the organization’s goals while fulfilling corporate objectives.

International Events

While in Canada, she has pioneered international tours with legendary groups like the Soul Brothers of South-Africa, nationwide from Vancouver, Calgary, Salmon- Arms, Ottawa, and Toronto. Shimita El Diego, from DRC, Loveness Wesa from U.S.A, and various smaller groups between Canada, and the U.S. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering for organizations like the City Of Toronto (Scotia), Molson Honda lndy, Afro festival, Carassauga, Mississauga’s own Waterfront festival, and Eleventh house Performing Arts just to mention a few. This helps Kuckie give back to the community while she increases her scope in the industry.